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As a Mission Advocate, you decide on the long-term impact of your gift.  Some examples include:
- In one year, a gift of $5/month provides supplies for a group of indigenous weavers in Guatemala
- In one year, a gift of $10/month supplies a water pump for a village well in Congo
- In one year, a gift of $30/month provides household items for new refugee families in Jordan
- In one year, a gift of $50/month enables a scholarship to college for a student in India
- In one year, a gift of $100/month provides access to medical care in rural communities of China

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Your recurring gift makes a difference today! 
When you look behind any activity of Global Ministries – whether sending mission personnel; providing mission education resources; or walking with global church partners in microcredit, water, or health projects – you will find there are many gifts that make this work possible.  Recurring gift donors with Global Ministries are a growing community of valued advocates for global mission. As always, 100% of your gift will be used as designated without any administrative or bank fees.

If you wish to sign up to become a Child or Elder Sponsor, click here

Prefer to set up your recurring gift by mail or by phone? 

-To establish a recurring gift through Global Ministries/Division of Overseas Ministries in Indianapolis, click here [PDF]

-To establish a recurring gift through Global Ministries/Wider Church Ministries in Cleveland, click here [PDF]

-To establish a recurring gift by phone, call 317-713-2555.

Global Ministries recognizes decisions like these are not made overnight.  If you have questions or would like to speak to someone in the Resource Development office, you can call 317-713-2571 or email gifts@dom.disciples.org, to begin exploring your options in recurring gifts and becoming a Mission Advocate. 

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Global Ministries will not share your personal information with other organizations or companies. Global Ministries also subscribes to the Donor Bill of Rights