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October 12, 2016 Connect Donate

Congo Week - October 16-22

Breaking the Silence: Congo Week is an opportunity to raise awareness about the devastating legacy of conflict in the Congo and mobilize support on behalf of the people of the Congo. Paul wrote in I Corinthian 12:26, "If one member suffers, all suffer together with it...Get the 2016 Resource Guide


Pray for Haiti on Sunday, October 16

Almost immediately, Tim knew he was speaking with a unique group of women. After hearing him talk about micro savings and how to get a group started, the church women, whom we dubbed “the mountaintop ladies” because Tim had to climb a mountain for some 20-25 minutes to reach them, said, “Let’s get started!...Keep Reading


Webinar Opportunity - Faith and Forgiveness: Seeking Peace in Korea

Born in what would later become North Korea, Dr. David Suh will be sharing his amazing life story on October 25th at 9am ET. Suh was born in Kanggye, Korea, near the border with China, in 1931 under Japanese occupation. In his childhood he was forced to speak Japanese and even change his Korean surname. Despite continuous harassment, his father, a pastor, never stopped teaching the Gospel...Register Now!


Middle East Initiative Webinar

In the latest webinar, Ms. Wafa Goussous shared about Jordan, the Christian presence there, and about the Orthodox Initiative’s work with Syrian and Iraqi refugees in response to the humanitarian crisis they are facing as a result of the war in Syria and the impact in Iraq...Watch Now!


Follow-up Webinar to the Global Day of Action and Peace for Syria- October 25, 8:30-9:30pm ET


Lampedusa Memorial Service for 368 Drowned Migrants- Ecumenical Statement of Commitment


Commentary from the East Asia and Pacific Area Office- Let's Pray for Peace and People in Korean Peninsula


Sabeel Wave of Prayer- Week of October 10


Churches for Middle East Peace Bulletin- Settlement Showdown


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