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June 22, 2016 Connect Donate

Now is the season of harvest and preparation

It is getting cold here in GoiGoi now that the winter dry season has begun in full force. Of course, when I say “cold”, I mean it is cold relative to the regular temperatures we experience here. You northerners in the states will not consider anything above sixty degrees Fahrenheit cold...Keep Reading


Pray with the people Morocco on Sunday, June 26, 2016

Loving God, thank you for your welcoming embrace. Your acceptance of our imperfection is ever an example for us to strive for. Forgive us when we fall short – when we are quick to reject and quick to condemn. Inspire us to spread your love even when it is not reciprocated....Keep Reading


Your gift makes a difference today in lives around the world!

You are invited to give Alternative Gifts all year long, knowing that at the same time you are participating in the witness to God's global mission as carried out by partner churches and programs throughout the world...Keep Reading


WCC mourns the death of Federico Pagura

“Bishop Pagura was one of the pillars of Latin American and world ecumenism in the last fifty years, a faithful and courageous champion of human rights and the cause of peace in Latin America and around the globe”, wrote Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit...keep reading


Video worship resource- Dignity, by Elena Huegel


Join partners in prayer- Praying for rain and peace


News from partners- Read the latest update from the Reformed Church in Hungary


Is the Tibar container port what Timor really needs?- Questioning "development"


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