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February 3, 2016 Connect Donate

Learn about Egypt

Join Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki and Riad Hani for two webinars on Egypt. They will be sharing about the role of the church in post-revolution Egypt as well as lifting up the ministries of the church across the country...Register Now


Pray with the people of Israel/Palestine on Sunday, February 7, 2016

Dear God: Today, we ask for nothing less than to be astounded at your greatness!The streets of our cities are raging with confrontations between angry, frustrated youth and hostile soldiers of the occupation who are ordered to shoot on sight...Keep Reading


Muslim scholars release declaration on rights of religious minorities

The Marrakesh Declaration voices the participants’ “firm commitment to the principles articulated in the Charter of Medina, whose provisions contained a number of the principles of constitutional contractual citizenship, such as freedom of movement, property ownership, mutual solidarity and defense, as well as principles of justice and equality before the law..."Keep Reading


Continental Christian Network for Peace: A Latin American Initiative for building peace with justice

Out of different regional and national reports considered during its meeting, CCNP concluded that the general reality of the continent have been shaken by an inhuman economic model that generates multiple forms of violence at all levels of society...Keep Reading


People-to-People Pilgrimage to India - Reflections from Saguaro Christian Church members


Gifts for the future- Find out how your gift can permanently support God's Mission in the World


15 years of "Plan Colombia"- Remember the more than 6 million Colombians victimized


Get ready to REACH!- New study resource for adults


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