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January 20, 2016 Connect Donate

In the Midst of a Drought

The drought afflicting much of Southern Africa has an unyielding grip on Lesotho. It is mid-summer here, and while the trees and shrubs are green, the rest of the landscape is mostly barren and brown...Keep Reading


Pray with the people of Israel on Sunday, January 24, 2016

Let us hold a high standard for the world we want to see, one in amity and armistice; goodwill and harmony. Oh how beautiful is peace... But where is peace?...Keep Reading


The Telema Movement and Kabila's Onslaught on Congolese Youth

On January 19, 2015, Congolese youth descended into the streets in response to an appeal from opposition figures to defend the country's constitution and its nascent democracy. The matter at hand was president Joseph Kabila's latest attempt to legitimize his stay in power beyond the December 19, 2016 constitutional deadline...Keep Reading


Sabeel Wave of Prayer

The EU released a resolution this week that distinguishes between the state of Israel and the territories Israel has occupied since 1967. On Monday, U.S. Ambassador Dan Shapiro criticized Israeli settler violence, saying there are two standards of law in the West Bank...Keep Reading


3rd Thursday Action Alert - Don't vote for Israeli settlements


Ahlan Wa Sahlan- Advent program at First Congregational Church, Colorado Springs


Calling for Consensus- CONASPEH advocates for independent commission to oversea Haiti elections


Webinar Opportunity- Find out about Global Ministries new resource for adults


Hellow from Sri Lanka- Susan Jepson shares about her experience with the Church of the American Ceylon Mission


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