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"O Land, Land"

From a spiritual point of view, one could say that Hong Kong is guilty of abusing God’s good gift of land. We exploit it for economic gain. We pollute it through inappropriate use. We even destroy it through neglect and poor planning and policy making...Keep Reading


Pray with the people of Mexico on Sunday, July 12th

The vision of HEPAC is to build a healthy and sustainable community in Nogales so that people don’t feel forced to risk arrest and death in the desert in a desperate attempt to provide for their families. The programs of HEPAC include lunch for schoolchildren, adult education, Culture of Peace workshops...Keep Reading


Chocolate and Cooperation

We returned from the waterfall Friday afternoon, and several from the group decided to wash our muddy boots and shower before dinner. Mindy came rushing up from one of the shower stalls to announce that there were several inches of standing water in the shower along with a host of spiders and one very large, black scorpion...Keep Reading


Christian Mission in the Wake of the Arab Spring

In this article, Dr. George Sabra, President of the Near East School of Theology in Beirut, Lebanon, argues that "the proper role and mission of Christians from outside the region is to support Middle Eastern Christians and enable them to carry on their mission...Keep Reading


United Congregational Church in Southern Africa Newsletter- #BlackLivesMatter


Coming to General Assembly? - Attend the Global Ministries/CCU International Dinner!


Stand for Human Rights in The Philippines - Protect Rights of the Poor and Indigenous


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