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May 6, 2015 Connect Donate

What European Christians Think about Their Latest Refugee Crisis

It is probably fair to say European Christians are not all of the same mind. Some, like a Spanish airplane pilot who I met on a plane returning to Europe from the Middle East, perceive a demographic threat from immigrants....Keep Reading


Pray with the people of India on Sunday, May 10th

We pray for our mission partners in India and ask for your guidance in their respective fields as they try to bring about the much needed change in areas of religion, education, healthcare and social work...Keep Reading


Carnaval in Ecuador

For 11 days (with a three-day break worked in for Carnaval at the beach) we traveled up and down the Avenue of the Volcanoes, interviewing FEDICE partners and capturing stories. It was an experience. We both got sick after trekking around a desolate mountain village all day in the rain with FEDICE partner community leader...Keep Reading


Completing the Mission

Graduations are so much fun! To see and feel the joy of someone completing a difficult task or an accomplishment is worthy of celebration! We have reason to celebrate. We have completed the mission in Peki!..Keep Reading


May 9th is World Fair Trade - Shop fair trade and learn how fast tracked and proposed trade bills would impact us all.


Sustainable Peace and Security - The All Africa Conference of Churches calls for clean governance and opportunities for all to share in Africa's growth


Armenia and an End to Genocide - Marking the 100th anniversary of the atrocities


NCCK protests the deployment of weapons in Korean Peninsula - A call for de-escalation


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