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Arpil 1, 2015 Connect Donate

In the Absence of All Hope, We Cry Out Our Cry of Hope

In a shadowed recess of the Palestinian church, a round, shallow, metal container filled with sand holds the lighted candles of worshipper and visitor to the Easter service. As more candles are lighted and placed in containers around the sanctuary, the darkness of the sanctuary fades...Keep Reading


Pray with the people of Israel/Palestine on Sunday, April 5th

GToday on this Palm Sunday, Lord, we exalt you as you enter Jerusalem! You are triumphant! You are our savior, our king! By the end of the week though, we will call for your crucifixion...Keep Reading


2015 Easter North-South Korea Joint Prayer

Seventy years since the joys of incomplete independence were reduced to the pains of separation, On this morning when we reminisce of the jubilance of resurrection, The voice of forgiveness and reconciliation resonates in our hearts...Keep Reading


Sawasdee Ka!

Some of the people reading this article have known me almost my entire life, whereas others may have never met me, or have only known me for a short time. Those who have known me since I was little could attest to my wild imagination and sense of adventure. One of my favorite activities as a child was packing bags...Keep Reading


Are You Attending General Assembly? - Get Your Tickets for the Global Ministries Dinner!


Changes - An Update from South Africa


Standing in Solidarity - PROCMURA Calls for Solidarity in Nigeria


Pre-events at Advocacy Days - Mass Incarceration, NRC Against Torture, UCC Criminal Justice on schedule


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