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March 18, 2015 Connect Donate

Death Penalties

In the middle of January on the island of Sumba (to the west of Timor), a young woman, 20 years old, was said to have fallen—or jumped—off the bus she was on and died. The Chief of Police in West Sumba, who learned from the woman’s parents that their daughter had sent them a cellphone message (SMS) saying she was uncomfortable as the only woman on the bus, was suspicious of bus driver’s claims and initiated an intense investigation...Keep Reading


Pray with the people of Ecuador on Sunday, March 22nd

God most high yet here with us! We sometimes think you do not care. We are lonely: full of distrust, pain, sadness. Even your Son endured much, and we are told, for us...Keep Reading


Unity and Peace

With over 20 political parties to choose from, there is not much chance of finding unity of choice among the voters in Lesotho. However, in the recent elections held at the end of February there does seem to have been a united commitment for a peaceful process and for that we can all give thanks to God...Keep Reading


The Raising of a Phoenix named Selina

Can a Phoenix really rise out of the ashes? When circumstances in life look hopeless, it is difficult to comprehend how a Phoenix can rise out of fire, renewed and reborn. I thought about this as I reflect on the challenges facing the people of West Pokot, the northern part of Kenya in the North Rift Valley...Keep Reading


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“Radical Movements for Change…” - Dedicated Advocate Roger Burbach Remembered


What are your priorities? - This is the Story of the Community of Porvenir


Violence and Death Must End - Letter from Leaders, Including Disciple and UCC, to President Obama


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