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March 4, 2015 Connect Donate

Serving in Relief Projects, Domestically and Abroad

Natural disasters do not discriminate by nationality; it’s something where we are all at risk. A year and a half ago, while serving as a Global Mission Intern, I was able to be part of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines’ (UCCP) relief efforts following Typhoon Yolanda...Keep Reading


Pray with the people of Thailand on Sunday, March 8th

God of yesterday, today and tomorrow, help lead and guide us when change happens. Help pilot, shepherd and nurture Thailand as the people go through various changes around them. In your name we pray, Amen....Keep Reading


What Else is Waiting for the Syrian Christians?

As our Armenian brothers and sisters are commemorating the Hundred Anniversary of the massacre inflicted on them in early 20th century, we watch with great sadness and are stunned by the news of Christian villages in the Northeast of Syria...Keep Reading


Le Tournoi Œcuménique

“People don’t usually like our church right away. For some people there is too much music, and for others there is not enough. For some people there is too much noise and activity while others want more singing and dancing. Some people say the sermons are too intellectual, some people say they should be more profound..." Keep Reading


Geist Christian Church Delegation Visiting Vietnam - Follow Their Blog!


The Path of Our Pilgrimage - Not Towards War


“It’s Our Time Now” - Agricultural Movement in Columbia


Missionary Report - Daniel Lee in South Korea


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